J.L. Newbern Middle School

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ATTENTION 8th -grade parents:


Please read the information and graphic below carefully in regards to your child's freshman year schedule:

1. This is not your student's schedule. These are the academic courses recommended by their 8th-grade teacher, and the electives your child selected.


2. Once you log in to view the courses, only pay attention to column 1 in the planner. This review is for Freshman year only.


3. Please ignore any additional texts in the planner that you may see. You are only to view the classes that are listed under each category.

4. All Freshmen will have Health/Personal Fitness in their requests. If they receive credit from middle school it will be removed.


5. If your child is currently enrolled in an intro-level elective course, once we receive their transcript they will be promoted to the second level of the course if it has been requested.


6. For the 2021-2022 school year, Physical Science will replace Biology as the 1st HS Science.