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NMS Dance Tryouts

NMS Dance Team



Fall Dance(VIRTUAL) Tryouts 2020-21


To be a dancing cat for Newbern Middle it takes someone who is willing to work as a team. We are looking for dedicated, spirited, hardworking, and talented athletes. The Dance Program is here to support their school’s athletic events, as well as, to promote school spirit. Working as a team, we hope to develop good character, citizenship, sportsmanship, cooperation and leadership skills. The NMS dance team will consist of members from NMS in grades 6-8. They will dance at all home football and basketball games. Dancers must be willing to devote time after school and weekends. They are expected to attend all practices, games, camps, school functions, etc. NMS dance team members are a representative of the school system, and therefore, are required to follow all school rules. Any instrument that is harmful to the cheerleader or reputation of the squad will result in automatic removal. To build any successful sports team, it takes the coach, the athlete and the parent(s). Throughout this season we need to work together as a team to achieve this goal!









Virtual Tryout Material Information


  • On Friday, August 14th we will upload the tryout material (videos/music/guidelines) onto our “NMS Dance Tryout” Google Classroom. It will be the same material for both teams. See below for links to join google classroom.


  • Join “NMS Dance Tryouts” using the following code: Google Classroom = bdx4myt


Google Classroom Notes: o You must be enrolled at Newbern Middle, or VECA (zoned for Newbern ) to tryout for that school’s squad.


o You must have a google account to be able to enroll in the google classroom.




      What to do BEFORE submitting your tryout video:


  1. Sign up for tryouts using the following link https://forms.gle/ak8k5YpbdTDtKD1b6 and receive an email with a tryout number. If you have your number, you are signed up. If you do not have a tryout number, please email Coach White jmwhite@gocats.org ASAP to sign up. The last day to register for tryouts is Tuesday, August 18, at 9 PM. NO LATE REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.


  1. Complete a sports physical

(under “medical forms” click the pdf “Preparticipation Physical History and Evaluation Form”)


  • Be sure the form is complete (signed by a doctor) or you may end up not being cleared (and not able to tryout)


  1. Adding your sports physical to the google form: You must SCAN all pages and save as a single document. Upload it onto the google form in the section provided on the form. If you are having trouble, please email Coach Dennis.


  1. Received “cleared” email and tryout number after submitting all the above. This may take a couple of days.


  1. Watch, learn & choreograph the required tryout videos/material


  1. Record your tryout material and get it ready for submission. ALL VIDEOS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY AUGUST 20,2020 BY 9 PM. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.






Tryout Video Submissions

  • What to wear* on tryout video: *do not add extra “bling” or “flair” to clothes, hair, etc. Please be in a well-lit area with no background noise or long pauses. Short pauses between each task are acceptable

o PLAIN White T-shirt with your tryout number written clearly on both sides of the shirt (Can be printed on paper and pinned to the shirt)

▪ Tryout Numbers: Written or printed in large letters in the following colors: BLACK o Black shorts/leggings or yoga pants

o Athletic Shoes or Dance shoes o Sports bra (females)

o Hair up in a ponytail or bun (or out of face if too short for a pony)...bangs back too! o No long nails, NO jewelry

  • Intro @ the beginning of the video:

o Please state your first and last name, tryout number, & your grade level (in 2020-21) clearly and loudly.

  • Perform the tasks asked of you in the following order:

  1. Perform the tryout dance two times (You do not have to start the music over, just take a short pause and start the routine over)


  • Submit a video to Google Classroom “NMS Dance Tryouts” I will make an “assignment” with the name 2020-21 Dance tryouts where you can post your video. IF you cannot join the classroom for some reason, contact me IN ADVANCE to make other arrangements for sending your video.

Submission Window: Tuesday, August 18th-August 20th @ 9 pm. Do not wait till the last minute to try and upload your video. Give yourself plenty of

time for uploading and figuring out any issues that might arise. I am willing to help with technical difficulties and come up with solutions...but not the last minute and not after the deadline.






TEAM POSTING • We will post who made each squad by Monday, August 24th • We will post by tryout number (no names)

  • You can find the posting on both the Google Classroom page and VCS website.

Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning

Traditionally we would spend 30-40 minutes on stretching, running, and working out at each tryout day. YOU WILL BE leaping ON YOUR TRYOUT VIDEO! We suggest you start working out, stretching, and working on your flexibility and dance technique NOW. Important Contact Information:

NMS Dance Coaches: Contina Smith- csmith@gocats.org, Jerica White- jmwhite@gocats.org


Athletics Office: Reginald Mitchell (AD) - rmitchell@gocats.org